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Most individuals with BDD are concerned about more than one aspect of their appearance, usually 2 or 3 different features. The extreme dissatisfaction is not universal; BDD does not reflect general over concern about appearance. Most BDD patients have some aspects of their appearance that they think are fine or even attractive and other areas they don't like, but are not severally distressed about.

Over three-quarters of BDD patients dislike something about their face or head (such as their skin, hair or facial features), but the concerns can be about any part of the body. Concerns can be very specific or general; some patients just believe that something is very wrong with their face or body, but are not sure what.

Skin Acne/pimples/rashes, scarring, freckles, skin tone/color, texture, lines, wrinkles, too loose or tight, puffy or sunken; concerns can be about the skin on their face or body.
Hair Thinning, balding, too fine or coarse, too straight, curly or frizzy, dull color; body hair can be too much, too little or too dark
Nose Too big or small, too wide or narrow, too long or short, too big a bump or too turned up, asymmetrical
Eyes, Eyelids Color or shape of eye, too big or small, protruding or too deeply set, too slanted (up or down), droopy eye lids, wrinkles, unattractive folds
Teeth Discolored, too big, too small, protruding, crooked
Face (general) Too big or small, too round or narrow, too long, asymmetrical, ugly, deformed, just doesn't come together
Lips Too thin, too big, asymmetrical, discolored, age lines
Chin Too weak, too prominent, too wide or narrow, too long, asymmetrical

Body build/ Bone structure

Too big or small, too muscular (females), slight, not muscular enough (males); out of proportion, asymmetrical
Stomach Too fat, protruding, soft

Breasts/Chest /Nipples

Too small or big, deformed, asymmetrical
Arms Too skinny or fat, too flabby, too short or long
Hands, fingers Too large or small, too fat, ugly
Genitals Ugly, discolored, asymmetrical; too small (males)
Buttocks Too big or small, too high or low, flabby, flat
Thighs Too big or small, too muscular, too soft, cellulite
Legs (overall) Too big (fat/muscular), too short or long, one longer than the other

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