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Obsessions -- Examples of OCD intrusive thoughts, images or feelings
Contamination Concerns about germs, dirt, toxins, bodily secretions or waste, grime or residues; can involve either concerns about becoming ill or making others ill, or spoiling inanimate objects by making them imperfect.

Pathological doubt

Worries about not having completed common tasks after they are done (closing/locking doors or windows, turning off the stove, etc.).
Fear of making the wrong decision.

Symmetry, exactness, perfectionism

Discomfort when things are not symmetrical, lined up or in their proper place.
Hoarding Concerns about not having, losing or accidentally throwing items out.

Violence, harm

Violent thoughts and images; fear of acting on unwanted impulses or harming others accidentally.
Fear of causing damage; fear of being responsible for something bad happening.
Fear of having said or done something hurtful.
Sexual Unacceptable sexual thoughts, fear of engaging in unacceptable and unwanted sexual behaviors.

Religious, scrupulosity

Concerned with being sacrilegious, excessively concerned with right and wrong.
Somatic Fear of needing to throw up, burp, or urinate at inappropriate times.
Fear of getting a tumor or other imperfection where the concern is about the imperfection or asymmetry rather than about having a serious illness.

Other instrusive thoughts

Music or songs that replay in the mind and can't be stopped.
Intrusive words or images that have no particular meaning or significance to the patient.
Need to know or remember things of little or no significance.

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