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Dr. Allen provides consultations and treatment for adults, teenagers and families grappling with OCD, BDD and related disorders such as the Pathological Grooming Disorders (Trichotillomania, skin picking, etc.) and Asperger's Disorder. The empirically proven treatment for these disorders is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Thus Dr. Allen uses state of the art CBT as the primary therapeutic modality and includes home visits and family therapy; she also incorporates elements of interpersonal and other therapies as needed. For more specific information on techniques, see the information provided on individual disorders.

  • Individual therapy for adults and teenagers suffering from OCD, BDD and related disorders. Dr. Allen has extensive experience treating these disorders. She has successfully treated many patients since the mid 1990s, including individuals who have had these disorders for many years and were dissatisfied with their response to previous treatment. Treatment begins with a consultation and an individualized treatment approach is developed for each patient.
  • Consultations with individuals who believe they may have BDD, OCD or related disorders. Dr. Allen can help clarify the overall diagnostic picture, confirm or rule out specific diagnoses of concern, and advise on the appropriate, evidence-based psychological and pharmacological treatments for the disorder(s).
  • Family consultations and therapy focused on helping families deal with these disorders. For patients who are in treatment with Dr. Allen, family involvement can vary depending on the situation. In some instances it can be intensive, with family members attending most sessions; for other families the appropriate involvement would be occasional, as an adjunct to individual therapy with the family member. Families can also come for consultations or treatment in situations where the affected family member refuses to participate in therapy.
  • Video conferencing via Skype allowing treatment of individuals who cannot find an experienced therapist in their geographic area. At this time, Skype sessions are available to patients who are able to come to New York City for an in person consultation and are also able to return for in person sessions every few months. The Skype sessions involve no additional charges.
  • Psychiatric referrals. For patients who need medication, Dr. Allen can recommend psychiatrists experienced in treating the disorder(s) in question for medication managment.

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